Merchant Cash Advance Syndication in New York City, NY

When looking to see returns on your investments, consider finding the ideal opportunity at Cardinal Equity in New York City, NY. We provide same-day liquidity to qualified businesses by managing syndicated cash advances, allowing you as an investor to minimize risk and increase your reliable opportunities through simplified transactions for all parties involved.

As the leading authority in the world of syndication management for syndicated merchant cash advances, Cardinal Equity grants you, as an investor, even more control and assurance. This allows you to maximize your reinvestment potential with our powerful merchant solutions in New York City, NY. Contact us today to learn how you can leverage the power of private equity and be part of our merchant cash advances today.

Our Merchant Solutions

Merchant cash advance syndications function as alternative financing products to qualified businesses and entrepreneurs, offering the lucrative advantage of same-day liquidation. Not only only do merchant cash advance deals offer dramatic opportunities for entrepreneurs, they provide many benefits for would-be investors.

Through the Redbird platform on Cardinal Equity, which we use for our syndication management, we allow investors to take part in our cash advance syndication process. Not unlike crowdfunding, merchant cash advance syndications receive funding from business investors with daily repayment.

No matter how many syndicates are involved, we function as your broker to ensure your private equity is financially secure. We handle large amounts of capital with quick turnover rates and maximum flexibility, allowing maximum growth for business qualified for our Redbird platform.

As one of the leading financial services providers in New York, Cardinal Equity is committed to offering unmatched services. If you are a potential investor interested in harnessing our powerful merchant cash advance syndication solutions today, give us a call now.

Syndication Management

At Cardinal Equity, we fully oversee the entire business cash advance process to provide powerful merchant solutions for qualified entrepreneurs and investors. By providing same-day liquidity through our proprietary Redbird platform, we give you ample room for financial growth and networking.

We purchase a portion of select businesses’ future receivables, offering flexible payback options for both short and long-term options. After the lump sum is deposited into the merchant’s account, repayment begins immediately (no later than the next week).

As an investor, you will receive payment on the same daily schedule, allowing you to maximize your reinvestment potential and see dramatic returns on your investment, all through our Redbird platform. Through our comprehensive, state-of-the art tracking technology, have complete control over your private equity investments and receive reporting and data analytics as well as collection services for speedy payment.

If you are interested in the benefits of investing in a merchant cash advance through our transparent, unparalleled syndication management solutions, get in touch with our Cardinal Equity team in New York City, NY, today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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