Deal Placement Assistance in New York

Our brokerage firm understands your office is busy. Let us help. Our in-house deal placement and prequalification service is the perfect solution for your business financing.

We Specialize in:

  • High-risk, “C” and “D” Classified Deals
  • Qualifying and preparing submissions for appropriate underwriters
  • Fast responses; Organized structure; Easy closings
  • Providing insightful feedback that you can relay to your clients
  • Helping you assess difficult files, enabling you to communicate realistic expectations to your clients

How Independent Sales Organizations Can Benefit from Deal Placement Assistance

Independent sales organizations were started to assist clients with the qualifying and expert knowledge in wealth management. After all, creating payday loans that cater to small businesses is best left handled to those who can devote their business to educating the consumer market. So it only makes sense for independent sales organizations to reach out to a service brokerage firm in New York, NY, for assistance with placement needs. A brokerage firm that offers deal placement assistance services can help your independent sales organization maximize closings and, of course, increase your profits. We offer private placement assistance to help your organization.

Brokerage Firms Facilitate Rapid Communication

When it comes to asset management, clear and rapid communication is king. With so many Direct Funding Companies available to work with Brokerage Firms, you may not know exactly where and how to place each submission. With our brokerage assistance services we spend time researching and planning to find you the right deal. Breaking down key submission points and what documents are required in the initial submissions phase should ensure a timely response to your deals.

Brokerage Firms Offer a Streamlined Submissions Process

As an independent sales organization, one important quality you must have is becoming familiar with brokering files to qualified submission departments. Ideally, your firm should be a “one stop shop” for your clients and how you broker to these submissions departments should possess a streamlined process from start to close. Streamlining the qualifications scrubbing process is crucial for your bottom line. It allows a deal to be quickly referred for the underwriting process and allows you to provide superior service to each merchant you sign up.

Brokerage Firms Can Help You Grow and Improve Your Business

An independent sales organization can benefit from a service brokerage firm that offers deal placement assistance. Choose a company to partner with that emphasizes long-term growth through innovation and ongoing learning opportunities. Placement assistance will allow you to focus on selling, but a firm with brokerage assistance should also provide wealth management and educational sales programs along with deal placement assistance.

If you could use some assistance in getting your hard-to-place files funded, call us at 212 804 5737 and speak with a member of the Cardinal Equity team today!

What Sets Cardinal Equity Apart?

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  • Transparent Communication
  • Educational Training and Networking Opportunities
  • Partner-Focused Growth

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