Administration Support Services in New York

Cardinal Equity’s Administration Team is here to help your office function at its optimum level of efficiency. Not only do we assist with deal placement, but we also provide assistance to your middle office.

What is a “Middle Office”?

A middle office is the department that supports the sales staff. This office is integral to both funding companies and brokerages alike in order to function effectively and grow. A middle office’s roles can include submissions management, data entry, business development, and much more. For some ISOs, this is managed by one person– and that’s a lot of work!

That’s where we come in.

Although we are considered an ISO, Cardinal Equity is dedicated to providing a level of service that funders and brokers desperately need. Cardinal Equity works alongside your middle office to ensure your operations team functions far above industry standard. We provide you with the tools and techniques to maximize your profit potential, and to grow the professional credibility of your brokerage.

If you’re searching for ISO support and assistance for your middle office, call us at 212 804 5737 and speak with a member of the Cardinal Equity team today!

What Sets Cardinal Equity Apart?

  • Industry Insider Knowledge
  • Transparent Communication
  • Educational Training and Networking Opportunities
  • Partner-Focused Growth

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