• How Cardinal Equity Increases Lending Security

    Securing business loans in New York, NY, means submitting sensitive information about your personal and business finances to an unknown entity and hoping that information stays secure. When you work with Cardinal Equity , you can have complete confidence that your information is protected and safe. We are committed to working with only the most […]

  • Understanding the Loan Classification System

    Understanding loan ratings and classifications is an essential part of being profitable as an independent sales office, or ISO. Brokerage firms typically have their own in-house system for rating files, but these ratings are usually based on the internationally accepted loan classification system. Knowing the system and identifying which of your files are hard to […]

  • How Advance Syndicates Can Help You Avoid Business Loans

    Advance syndicates can be a helpful source of working capital for businesses that do not wish to take on business loans. Advance syndicates can provide business financing in New York, NY , that is faster and more accessible than standard loan options. If your business needs working capital and you don’t want to go to […]

  • Why Simplicity May Be the Key to Building Your Brand

    When you’re building your brand, focusing on simplicity may be your best strategy. People have to trust your message, and if they don’t, none of your other efforts will matter. If you are in the loan business, offering fast deal placement in New York, NY , is critical. Watch this video for some insight into […]

  • Getting Support for Your Middle Office

    Although your sales team is important, nothing would happen without your middle office . Your middle office is the key to ensuring your customers get the service they expect and that your deals with your brokerage firm in New York, New York work smoothly. At Cardinal Equity, we’re pleased to offer the support your middle […]

  • How Fintech Could Cause a Revolution in Compliance

    Jude Scott, chief executive of Cayman Finance. PHOTO: CAYMAN FINANCE Compliance in financial services could be revolutionized by financial technology, which holds the potential of making the processes more efficient for firms and regulators, according to Jude Scott, chief executive of Cayman Finance. Mr, Scott, whose organization represents the sizable financial sector in the tax […]

  • The Most Important Investment You Can Make

    I often get asked by business owners and entrepreneurs what’s the single most important thing they should do to be successful? For me the answer is really simple, invest in yourself. It is without a doubt in my mind, the greatest investment that we can make, yet surprisingly few do. Now I know that this […]

  • Clearing Up Confusion About Merchant Cash Advance Syndications

    Merchant cash advance syndications offer significant opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs alike, but confusion about how syndication works keeps many people who could benefit from taking part. If you are looking for capital for your business or considering investing in a merchant cash advance deal in New York, New York , here is what you […]

  • CFPB Gets Green Light To Investigate Tribal Lenders

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau got the nod Friday (Jan. 20) from a California appeals court that it can go after Native American tribal lenders that market payday loans. According to a report , a Ninth Circuit of Appeals panel ruled online lenders Great Plains Lending, MobiLoans and Plain Green, all of which offer payday […]

  • Creating a Business That Stands Out from the Crowd

    Finding deal placement assistance in New York, New York is a good way to keep your customers happy with fast closings on private deals, but how do you attract them in the first place? Deal placement gives you the chance to focus on customer acquisition, so how can you ensure that your firm stands out […]