• The New Entrepreneur’s Guide to Syndicate Lending

    Whether you’re looking for working capital for your own business or want to expand your business investments, syndicate lending offers an opportunity. Syndications make business investing easier for both sides of the transaction and make it possible for start-ups to get the money they need to take their business to the next stage, even when […]

  • Purchase Orders and Cash Flow: Can an MCA Help?

    For start-up businesses, purchase orders are a blessing and curse. They demonstrate that your product or service has a valid demand in the market and that people are willing to do business with you to bring it consumers. On the other hand, when you get a purchase order, you have to fulfill it, and that […]

  • How to Identify Your Business’ Customer Segments

    In order to grow your business, identifying your customer segments is essential. Once you know your market, you can readily leverage a business cash advance as working capital in New York, NY to connect with them. Watch this video to learn more about identifying your markets. For start-ups, niche markets are the easiest to manage, […]

  • FAQs About Syndicated Advances

    Syndicated advances represent a tremendous opportunity for business investors and businesses alike. Whether you’re considering becoming involved in syndication investing or are interested in using a syndicated advance to raise capital for your business, here are the answers to some common questions you may have. What are syndicated advances? Syndicated advances take merchant cash advance […]

  • What Causes Cash Flow Issues?

    Every business faces cash flow issues at some point. The key is how you deal with them. For many businesses in New York, NY, merchant cash advance deals can be a superior choice over bank loans for coping with a cash flow problem. Watch this video to learn about some of the common causes for […]

  • Spotlight on the Importance of an Efficient Middle Office

    You might think that your company lives and dies by your ability to land clients and place deals, but in reality, your middle office plays an enormous role in your overall success. Your deal placement efforts in New York, NY, will grind to a halt without an efficient middle office, which is why Cardinal Equity […]

  • Common Reasons Small Businesses Need to Raise Capital

    Small businesses are constantly balancing growth with the need for capital to sustain it. For someone who is interested in syndication investment in New York, NY , this need for capital can represent a tremendous opportunity. With syndicate investing in merchant cash advances, you can feel more confident in business investing since you can feel […]

  • Advice for Increasing Your Profits

    As a small business, finding a way to increase your profits should be at the top of your to-do list every day. One part of that may involve seeking the right support, such as deal placement and brokerage assistance in New York, NY . Another feature might be continuing to grow your understanding of your […]

  • How We Can Help You Solve Business Funding Problems

    For many businesses, the line between success and failure isn’t necessarily about an innovative product or great customer service. The real difference between making it and not can come down to a single factor: funding. No matter how incredible the opportunity is that comes to your business, you can’t take advantage of it if you […]

  • Getting the Right Backup for Your Middle Office

    Your sales team couldn’t function without your middle office. They manage data and submissions, support your business development efforts, and make it possible for you to find new clients while closing deals. The work done in the middle office can be overwhelming, since most middle office staffs are small. At Cardinal Equity in New York, […]