• How a Merchant Cash Advance Trumps a Business Loan

    When your business needs to raise working capital for any reason, there are several business financing options available to you. Although small business loans are a traditional method of acquiring the money you need for business projects, this option is not always the best solution. A merchant cash advance is an alternative financing method that […]

  • Motivating Your Sales Force – Tips From the Floor

    Fancy steak dinners, electronic devices and cold hard cash are just some of the ways ISOs and funders these days are motivating sales reps to bring in business. Although it’s largely a field for self-starters, many companies find that even small tokens of appreciation do wonders to increase rep productivity. “Waving a carrot in front […]

  • Growing your ISO through Successful Syndication Investment

    In the Merchant Cash Advance industry, syndication refers to the pooling of capital in order to provide cash to clients in exchange for a purchase of their business’s future receivables. Naturally, this investment model eliminates the problem of one investor shouldering the total risk of the deal. Rather, risk is shared among all partners in […]

  • How To: Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance

    1. Evaluate your business’s current financial standing. Review your business bank statements from the last three months. Do you deposit at least 10k / month? How many NSFs do you have? Less than 3 per month and you’re in the clear! Are your daily ending balances relatively stable? Do you have many transfers? If so, […]