• Reaping the Rewards of MCA Funding

    When you need working capital in New York, NY , for your business, a traditional small business loan may not be the answer. Merchant cash advance funding, or MCA funding, could be a better solution for you. Should you consider using MCA funding to meet your needs for capital for your business? Here is a […]

  • Getting the Right Backup for Your Middle Office

    Your sales team couldn’t function without your middle office. They manage data and submissions, support your business development efforts, and make it possible for you to find new clients while closing deals. The work done in the middle office can be overwhelming, since most middle office staffs are small. At Cardinal Equity in New York, […]

  • Market Research Advice for Businesses

    Some small businesses mistakenly believe that market research is reserved for the major players in an industry, but in reality, research is an essential part of success for businesses of all sizes. Finding clients who need business loans, deal placement assistance, and brokerage support in New York, NY , relies on accurate market research. Watch […]

  • Take Flight in Your Business with RedBird Pro CRM Software

    For merchant cash advance lenders in New York, NY, relationship management is king. That is why Cardinal Equity is pleased to launch its RedBird Pro CRM software system for our clients. This flexible system is designed to help you take control of managing your customer relationships and leveraging them to increase your business. With many […]