How We Can Help You Close Deals for Your Toughest Files

Is your ISO struggling to close deals on your toughest accounts? Cardinal Equity in New York, NY, can help. With our deal placement assistance services , we can help you in finding the right lenders for your high-risk clients, including those with C and D classified deals. How can our service brokerage help your ISO meet the needs of your clients? Here is a look at some of the support services we can provide, so you can focus on educating your consumer market and attracting new business. clear - communication

Fast and Clear Communication

Delays, mixed messages, and unclear communication stagnates deals and confuses clients. We focus on completing research quickly and communicating with you efficiently, so you can provide the same service for your customers. We can break down the key points in each submission and ensure that all of the required documents are in place to remove the risk of unnecessary delays that could cost you business. With us facilitating your deals, you can erase miscommunications and delayed communications that interfere with your operations.

Simplified Process

Your clients expect your ISO to make the process of finding funding straightforward and easy. We can help you streamline the process of brokering your files to a system that collects information about qualifications from your clients once and that makes it easy to direct files to the right submission departments for underwriting. This service makes your backend operations more efficient and turns your ISO into the one-stop shop your clients are expecting.

Increased Time for Business Growth

The time spent focusing on your toughest files is time you’re not spending generating new business. With deal placement assistance from Cardinal Equity, you can provide excellent service for existing customers while having the freedom you need to continue to generate new business. In addition, our education programs for our partners will give you and your staff the tools you need to continue to boost your success.