• What Business Owners Need to Know About Using Syndicates for Funding

    Working capital is a make-or-break concern for small businesses. However, traditional business lending can be problematic for business owners. The application and approval process is lengthy, and the terms can be complex. Because of the extended approval time, your hands could be tied as you wait for the working capital need to come in. Business […]

  • How We Can Help You Close Deals for Your Toughest Files

    Is your ISO struggling to close deals on your toughest accounts? Cardinal Equity in New York, NY, can help. With our deal placement assistance services , we can help you in finding the right lenders for your high-risk clients, including those with C and D classified deals. How can our service brokerage help your ISO […]

  • Tips for Creating an Accurate Cash Flow Analysis

    When you’re running a small business, your cash flow analysis is an essential tool for managing your expenses and making smart operating decisions. If you are paying on a small business loan in New York, NY , for example, accounting for those payments is important as you determine how much working capital you have. Watch […]

  • How Cardinal Equity Increases Lending Security

    Securing business loans in New York, NY, means submitting sensitive information about your personal and business finances to an unknown entity and hoping that information stays secure. When you work with Cardinal Equity , you can have complete confidence that your information is protected and safe. We are committed to working with only the most […]