How to Get the Most from Deal Placement Assistance

Is your independent sales organization (ISO), struggling with the sheer amount of work required to fund your files? If so, you could be losing business while trying to close deals for your existing clients. That is where Cardinal Equity and deal placement assistance in New York, New York comes in. We act as a brokerage for your firm, so you can actually focus on running your company. Here are some strategies for getting the most of our deal placement assistance services. deal - placement

Focus on Client Acquisition

We specialize in high-risk, C and D classified deals, fast responses and assessments of difficult files. We have the knowledge to manage deal closings for your existing customers and can work hand-in-hand with your middle office to meet the administrative needs of your business. That means you can turn your attention to selling and bringing in new customers, so your business continues to grow. With the support of our brokerage services, you can feel confident that you can manage this growth as it occurs. Furthermore, our feedback on your existing files will help you give both new and current clients realistic expectations from the outset.

Create a Streamlined Process

Often, closings are delayed for simple, avoidable reasons, like missing paperwork. By using our deal placement assistance services, we can help you build a streamlined process for client paperwork and the qualification scrubbing process, as well as submissions to underwriters. By streamlining this process, you can avoid needless delays and provide the fastest possible service to your clients.

Build a Long-Term Relationship

Cardinal Equity is committed to building long-term relationships to the ISOs we support. Through working with us long-term, your ISO gets access to networking and educational opportunities as well as a partner who understands your business and the support you need to experience continued growth. Our services go far beyond simple deal placement assistance and instead are tools to help your ISO become and stay successful.