Streamlining Your Qualification and Closing Processes with Deal Placement Assistance

Deal placement assistance allows ISOs to secure funding for their clients without spending the enormous time and attention necessary for maintaining a close-knit network of strategic partnerships with funders in the Merchant Cash Advance industry. Prequalification assistance also prevents brokers from having to memorize and maintain accurate records of funding guidelines and underwriting criterion for every funder in their rolodex. Deal placement assistance is the fastest and best way for ISOs to match their merchants with funders so that a successful deal can be achieved.

Pre-Approved Pool of Funders and Faster Closing Capabilities

The key to successful deal placement is matching merchants with appropriate funders so that merchants receive the best possible offers and appropriate products for their businesses. Working with a deal placement assistance service offers instant access to a pre-approved and qualified pool of accredited funders. Rather than spending time searching for a potential good match, deal placement assistance can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes ISOs to find, screen, qualify, and fund deals. When a merchant needs to raise funds quickly for a large or risky project, ISOs cannot waste precious time submitting the deal to funders who will only decline the file. Not only will ISOs save time, money, and effort with deal placement assistance, but they will also improve their service capabilities to help them grow and succeed in the future.

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