• Borrower or Fraudster? Online Lenders Scramble to Tell the Difference

    As potentially fraudulent behavior increases, lenders step up security checks on applicants Kabbage this year began allowing borrowers to apply entirely through a mobile app. This asks applicants to use their phone to take a picture of a government ID, such as a driver’s license. PHOTO: KABBAGE Silicon Valley banking upstarts have technology for almost […]

  • It’s Not About Replacing Banks, Square CEO Says

    Square CEO Jack Dorsey as he walked on stage at the 2016 Money2020 conference in Las Vegas It’s not about replacing banks, it’s about making financial services more accessible, said Square CEO Jack Dorsey in regards to what his company and others in the fintech space are doing. During his fireside chat-style address at Money2020, […]

  • Do Traditional And Established Businesses Really Need An Online Presence?

    There’s no escaping the digital revolution. It’s almost impossible to run a modern business without a computer and an Internet connection, and most of us have an Internet-connected device on us 24/7. You’ve undoubtedly seen and heard stories about entrepreneurs who built their businesses online, from scratch, with startlingly complex websites, daily blogs and videos, […]

  • Online Small-Business Lenders Display Loan Prices

    On Deck Capital CEO Noah Breslow rings the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Dec. 17, 2014 One of the online-lending industry’s most prominent attempts to prove it can regulate itself launched Monday as three of the largest providers of small-business loans unveil a standardized way to exhibit the costs of their […]

  • 21 Ways to Market Your Business Online

    Our nascent fascination with search stems back to the internet’s earliest days when algorithms didn’t reign supreme. Back then, it was far simpler to be found on the web. It didn’t require all of the technical know-how, breadth and awareness of hundreds of ranking factors in order to be discovered relevantly in an online search. […]

  • Reasons to Use Advance Syndication

    Business success is measured not only in current profitability, but also in the ability of your business to grow and adapt in the future. If you’re trying to grow your business, you may find yourself in need of working capital you don’t yet possess to fund the projects that will transform your business into something […]

  • Coming Soon: The OCC’s Fintech Innovation Office

    Coming soon: An innovation office to work with fintech upstarts poised to disrupt to the industry. The Office of Comptroller of the Currency that regulates and supervises banks plans to set up a dedicated “fintech innovation office” early next year with branches in New York, San Francisco and Washington. In an attempt to “identify, understand […]

  • 8 Ways Customer Service Affects Your Business’s Bottom Line

    High-quality customer service is essential to a growing or established company’s bottom line. “Treat them mean, keep them keen” couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to customer service and customer loyalty. High-quality customer service is essential to a growing or established company’s bottom line — a Virtuous Circle that drives profits and […]

  • Why Salespeople Should be Advocates and Not Thought Leaders

    What exactly is a thought leader anyway? Aside from a trendy buzzword infiltrating all areas of business, it is someone who is considered an informed opinion leader and go-to expert in their field. Their goal is to inspire through innovative ideas or even to show others how to innovate or replicate the success they’ve achieved. […]

  • Online Lenders Seek to Shape Industry Before Regulators Do

    Nat Hoopes, executive director of the Marketplace Lending Association, a trade group in Washington that represents online lenders. CreditAndrew Mangum for The New York Times WASHINGTON — Online lenders are drawing from a familiar playbook in Washington as scrutiny of the business heats up. A central plank of their strategy is to prove that the […]