• Build a Business, Not a Financial Machine

    As told by Gary Vaynerchuk: “Today, there’s a complete disrespect for what it takes to build a business. Too many people think they can become an entrepreneur overnight and establish a real business in a 1-2 year window, but it’s just not realistic. And I get it, because that’s what’s portrayed in the media we […]

  • Opening a Second Location? Here’s What to Keep in Mind

    Business is booming, so you figure it’s time to take things to the next level: opening up a second location. Although that might seem simple, expanding your business takes a lot of forethought and preparation. In many ways, it’s like starting a whole new business. If you’re evaluating this move yourself, make sure to ask […]

  • Determining Your Business’ Capital Needs

    Business capital refers to the funding your business needs to produce products or provide services. All businesses need capital, but it’s important to accurately determine the amount of working capital you need. This video discusses the amount of capital needed to start and maintain a business. The most basic way to calculate the capital you’ll […]

  • Why Do Merchant Cash Advances Cost So Much?

    As told by David Rubin: When I first came to observe the alternative financing business in 2008, the press tended to be extremely negative about merchant cash advances (MCAs). From blogs in the New York Times to articles in Bloomberg Businessweek, funders were lambasted for charging inordinately high interest rates. While I think the perception […]

  • Here’s one overlooked reason it makes total sense for Salesforce to buy Twitter

    Salesforce is rumored to be one of the parties interested in buying Twitter, CNBC reported on Friday . Why in the world would Salesforce, a business software company mostly used by salespeople, be interested in a consumer social media service like Twitter? Quick answer: Twitter is one of the most widely used prospecting tools used […]

  • The Alternative Business Finance Industry and You

    “The days of a small business owner being able to go down to his or her community bank or local branch for a quick cash injection are long gone, but that’s where we come in. We are catering to a customer base that has been left out to dry. We are dealing in a marketplace […]

  • Time, Approvals, and Different Paper Deals

    Why do your nagging 5k/1.45 deals take three days to fund, but your 100k/1.20 file funded in a day and a half? For many brokers, this is a point of contention and annoyance. High-risk deals seem like headaches for little payoff, but writing off an entire paper class only leaves potential commissions on the table. […]

  • Finding Solutions for Hard-to-Fund Files with Deal Placement Assistance

    Securing capital for your clients and their new products, ideas, or endeavors can be challenging without the right experience or connections in the Merchant Cash Advance industry. If you are facing difficulty funding files, deal placement assistance in New York, NY could be the best solution to find the funding you need. Working with a […]

  • Motivating Your Sales Force – Tips From the Floor

    Fancy steak dinners, electronic devices and cold hard cash are just some of the ways ISOs and funders these days are motivating sales reps to bring in business. Although it’s largely a field for self-starters, many companies find that even small tokens of appreciation do wonders to increase rep productivity. “Waving a carrot in front […]

  • Goldman’s Online Lending Venture is Almost Here and It’s Called ‘Marcus’

    Goldman Sachs is going back to its roots to attract new borrowers. The investment bank named its soon-to-launch online consumer lending venture ‘Marcus’ after its German founder, and not ‘Mosaic’, as reported earlier. Goldman will go live with its personal loan product in the fall, aimed at borrowers with high credit scores looking to consolidate […]