• Using Deal Placement Assistance to Streamline the Funding Experience

    In this industry, hot leads are hard to come by. For every one business owner interested in obtaining a cash advance there are many more that would rather hang up on you mid-pitch or happily ignore your calls for eternity. Once a broker has a hot lead, speed and expertise are crucial to closing the […]

  • Why a Merchant Cash Advance is Better Than a Business Loan

    What is the difference between a merchant cash advance and an ordinary business loan? As this informative video explains, in a merchant cash advance, the merchant is selling a certain percentage of his future revenues to the cash advance provider. The provider will simply take a small amount of the merchant’s revenue on a regular […]

  • What to Expect from Deal Placement Assistance Services

    If you’re a small business owner in New York, NY, you may have wondered what your best options are for obtaining funds when you need them. The alternative business finance industry—commonly known as MCA, which stands for merchant cash advance —offers a means of getting funds for your business that has many advantages over applying […]

  • Growing your ISO through Successful Syndication Investment

    In the Merchant Cash Advance industry, syndication refers to the pooling of capital in order to provide cash to clients in exchange for a purchase of their business’s future receivables. Naturally, this investment model eliminates the problem of one investor shouldering the total risk of the deal. Rather, risk is shared among all partners in […]

  • How a Merchant Cash Advance Helps Small Businesses

    A merchant cash advance is an alternative to taking out a small business loan when you need capital on short notice. This business financing tool is available to businesses that make credit card or debit card sales; unlike a loan, your merchant cash advance is paid back daily through a percentage of your credit and […]

  • Cashing in on the Merchant Cash Advance Space

    Within the last two years, investing in the Merchant Cash Advance space has become quite an enticing venture due to the potential rate of return on investment, yet far too many people are enamored by the lore of funding houses raking in the cash. Outsiders assume these institutions know exactly what they’re doing and how […]

  • Tapping into Business Funding Through Merchant Cash Advances

    When a small business needs an infusion of cash quickly, the first course of action is usually to consult a bank or credit union. But many small business owners don’t qualify for these types of loans due to limited business history, little to no collateral, poor credit, and a myriad of other reasons. A merchant […]