The Capital Businesses Want vs. The Guidance They Need

Almost every business– despite industry, location, or size– could use financial assistance every now and then. Whether a business owner needs to fund a marketing campaign, keep up with a sudden increase in demand, hire additional personnel, or prepare for expansion, the demand for working capital is relatively omnipresent amongst entrepreneurs.

All too often in the Alternative Business Finance space, brokers promise their clients tens of thousands of dollars despite their client’s ability to repay such a hefty financial commitment, or worse yet, without considering what their client actually qualifies for. Smart, responsible business owners are lured by bad-apple brokers’ sales pitches, believing they’re getting a “good deal” when the deals they accept could actually put them in danger of over-leveraging their business.

As a business owner, you can be sure that if your broker is partnered with Cardinal Equity, he or she adheres to a higher standard of operation. For Cardinal, offering sound financial advice to brokers and merchants alike always takes priority over making a quick buck.

Business owners feel the difference when working with a Cardinal-Accredited broker. Cardinal Equity builds its broker relationships on service and trust, which translates to how brokers treat their clients. Cardinal Equity not only advises its brokers, but educates them on how to coach their clients along their road to financial success.

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