The Beauty of the Middle-Office and the Service Cardinal Equity Provides

The MCA space is largely divided into two camps: Independent Sales Offices (ISOs) and funders. Brokers that work for ISOs present deals to funding houses in hopes of securing working capital for their clients, and funders provide the money to businesses in need. Simple enough, right? Not so fast!

Funding houses are inundated with hundreds—if not thousands– of deal submissions daily from their ISO partners. Naturally, the top-producing brokers and most lucrative deals get the most attention, making it hard for the lowly ISO with their smaller, (but equally important!), deals to receive any airtime. Funders don’t always have time to pour over 3-4k deals and minor inconveniences like missing bank statements and incorrect tax ID numbers can snowball, becoming monumental annoyances as they try to manage their significant deal flow. ISOs are bustling hubs of energy; Phones buzzing off the hooks, email servers working to their full capacity, and the merchants! Don’t forget the merchants! They need their moneyl– Yesterday! This fast-paced environment rarely slows down, and administrative support is either inadequate or struggling to keep up. Funders don’t want to give the “disorganized” ISO the attention they deserve; ISOs can’t reach the flooded funders, even though there is money to be made for both camps. What is lacking in the funder-ISO dynamic is a solid, reciprocal relationship built on a foundation of trust, effective business practices, and mutual respect.

Enter Cardinal Equity—The middle-office funders and ISOs alike have been searching for.

Cardinal Equity offers ISOs the administrative assistance they need, and capitalizes upon its iron-clad relationships with funders to get deals done. The days of brokers submitting deals into a funder’s abyss never to receive an offer or decline are over; As are the days that funders seem too inaccessible and imposing. Remembering specific funders’ underwriting criteria? Those days are over too. Brokers don’t always have time to prequalify their deals or underwrite them before submitting, and we understand that. Cardinal Equity manages deal submissions and puts them in the most receptive hands, leading to more deals funded, more commissions for brokers, and more merchants receiving the capital they need.

When brokers need help, Cardinal answers; When Cardinal calls, funders listen.

Cardinal Equity even syndicates on deals if it means getting a deal done and helping a business to continue living their entrepreneurial dream. Whether you are a broker or a funder, contact Cardinal Equity today and start experiencing the difference.