Cardinal Equity’s Role in the MCA Industry

Since its inception, Cardinal Equity has evolved from a syndication-management firm to a self-contained brokerage, assisting over 100 Independent Sales Offices (ISOs) across the continental United States.

Cardinal Equity provides a service to ISOs and funders alike. Upon partnering with Cardinal, ISOs are taken under the Cardinal wing and provided with the administrative support they so desperately need. Cardinal helps brokers fund their hard-to-place files, monetizing leads that were previously collecting dust. Underperforming brokers thrive under Cardinal’s supportive, encouraging umbrella, as they are equipped with the tools and knowledge essential for growth, and are coached along their journey to success.

Because Cardinal Equity also prequalifies deals and organizes submission documents before the files ever reach the funders’ desk, funders are able to service more deals when their time isn’t spent chasing brokers for recent bank statements or tax-ID numbers. Cardinal Equity provides Grade-A service in a challenging and aggressive environment, managing over $60 million in investments for clients around the globe.