• How To: Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance

    1. Evaluate your business’s current financial standing. Review your business bank statements from the last three months. Do you deposit at least 10k / month? How many NSFs do you have? Less than 3 per month and you’re in the clear! Are your daily ending balances relatively stable? Do you have many transfers? If so, […]

  • Analyzing Your Business’s Cash Flow

    Careful business management is incredibly important for businesses in New York, NY and beyond. One crucial component of small business management is cash flow analysis, which is separate from profit tracking. Revenues and expenses are tracked based on when they are earned or spent. However, cash flow analysis is based on when these transactions actually […]

  • How Independent Sales Organizations Can Benefit from Deal Placement Assistance

    Independent sales organizations are experts in networking and maximizing profits, so it only makes sense for ISOs to capitalize on deal placement services from a middle office brokerage firm in New York, NY, like Cardinal Equity LLC. A brokerage firm that offers deal placement assistance services can help your independent sales organization maximize closings and […]

  • Mitigating Investment Risks with Quality Syndication Management Services

    Business investing is a risky proposition by nature. There is never a guarantee that a business will flourish or at least do well enough to repay its business cash advance. The risky nature of business investing in New York, NY, is enough to keep some interested parties from joining in, but it’s important to realize […]

  • Closing the Deal in a Merchant-Market

    The MCA space is saturated with brokers, funders, and business owners seeking capital. Competition is endless as brokers and telemarketers call thousands of leads a day hoping for a nibble, or to at least peak a merchant’s interest. Even when you think you have a hot lead, you’re always at risk of another broker calling […]

  • Cardinal Equity’s Role in the MCA Industry

    Since its inception, Cardinal Equity has evolved from a syndication-management firm to a self-contained brokerage, assisting over 100 Independent Sales Offices (ISOs) across the continental United States. Cardinal Equity provides a service to ISOs and funders alike. Upon partnering with Cardinal, ISOs are taken under the Cardinal wing and provided with the administrative support they […]

  • The Beauty of the Middle-Office and the Service Cardinal Equity Provides

    The MCA space is largely divided into two camps: Independent Sales Offices (ISOs) and funders. Brokers that work for ISOs present deals to funding houses in hopes of securing working capital for their clients, and funders provide the money to businesses in need. Simple enough, right? Not so fast! Funding houses are inundated with hundreds—if […]

  • The Capital Businesses Want vs. The Guidance They Need

    Almost every business– despite industry, location, or size– could use financial assistance every now and then. Whether a business owner needs to fund a marketing campaign, keep up with a sudden increase in demand, hire additional personnel, or prepare for expansion, the demand for working capital is relatively omnipresent amongst entrepreneurs. All too often in […]

  • Factors that Influence Your Business’s “Fund-a-bility”

    Deposit Volume Deposits should occur regularly throughout the month. Regular deposit volume indicates that a business has a reliable flow of incoming cash, which serves as assurance to lenders that their advance will be paid back. Credit Tax liens should have payment plans in place and you should be working towards rectifying delinquent tradelines. Personal […]

  • Simple Tips to Improve Your Business’s Financial Profile

    Separate Business and Personal Expenditures While it might be tempting to charge personal dinners or a new pair of shoes to your business account, avoid mixing business and pleasure. Once you’ve become conditioned to blurring the lines between business and personal spending instituting the division will be a hard habit to build. Keeping the two […]