About Our Financial Services in New York

We understand the Merchant Cash Advance Industry, and we understand you.

Cardinal Equity started as a mid-office brokerage, and we were 100% driven by our ISOs and referral network. We specialized in helping brokers secure funding for their most difficult files. In addition to deal placement assistance, we also offered administrative support to brokers across the country.

Today, Cardinal Equity is still driven by our ISOs and committed to providing unparalleled service as a direct funder.

We understand what brokers need, because we started as brokers.

We know that speed matters to brokers. Our underwriters work tirelessly to provide fast decisions with speed and transparency.

We offer syndication management services for ISOs that are interested in making more than just commissions on their deals. We also offer the ability to white label merchant contracts.

Cardinal Equity supports over 150+ independent originating offices across the continental United States, delivering transparency and unparalleled service to their merchants, our brokers, and our syndicate partners. In our world, relationships rule. Integrity matters. Honesty matters. You matter.

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What Sets Cardinal Equity Apart?

  • Industry Insider Knowledge
  • Transparent Communication
  • Educational Training and Networking Opportunities
  • Partner-Focused Growth

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