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Best Financial Services for Businesses in New York

We're in the business of financing businesses, just like YOU.

At Cardinal Equity, LLC we pride ourselves in offering New York City the finest in business-to-business finance services. We're dedicated to providing brokerage assistance that helps your business find more working capital while simultaneously increasing your revenue. Our company is comprised of true entrepreneurs seeking to partner with innovative businesses to invest in their success. We have over 10 aggregate years of experience, which provides us with an understanding of myriad industries and programs that can truly help your business thrive. If you're looking for brokers who truly understand Wall Street's business marketplace and Main Street's needs, contact us at (212) 804-5757 to begin a partnership that is a win-win for all involved.

    The financial services we offer include:

    If you're looking for a brokerage that will provide your business with asset management when you need it most, Cardinal Equity is here to offer you the unsecured loans and classified deals that will help your business grow. No two businesses are alike and our team is able to analyze your company’s unique needs and tailor a private agreement to help your business function at its optimum level. Cardinal Equity's knowledgeable service, fast turnover time, and transparent communication will take your business to the next level.

    We Build Relationships

    Cardinal Equity's unsecured loans and brokerage assistance will equip your business with the necessary strategies to achieve your goals. We build strong relationships with our partners and are committed to open communication, transparency, and trust. If you're in need of a brokerage that is a true partner, call us at (212) 804-5757 and find out how we can support your company today!

    What Sets Cardinal Equity Apart?

    • Industry Insider Knowledge
    • Transparent Communication
    • Educational Training and Networking Opportunities
    • Partner-Focused Growth

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